Admission Criteria

Intake pre-screenings/appointments occur Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm
Please Call 850-285-0716 to be pre-screened for the program.
An intake appointment with the director can be scheduled, based on the pre-screening evaluation.
*No walk-in appointments*

The following criteria must be met for entry into AFAAH's 

Recovery Program/Discipleship Ministry

1.   Must have clean drug screen on admission (we cannot do detox on premises)

2.  Ability to climb stairs and lift up to 20lbs

3.  No psychotropic, anti-anxiety, sedatives, narcotics or muscle relaxer medications allowed. No extensive medical conditions that would hinder full-participation in a work-oriented program.  The goal is to have employment, money saved, and the ability to living independently at the end of the program.

**Cannot be pregnant

**Women only, we are not able to house children 

4.  No current/ongoing domestic violence situation and/or active restraining order against someone that would put self, church body, staff, and volunteers at risk. We are not a battered women shelter, but do want to assist women with recovery, who have experienced abuse in their past.

5.  No extensive legal matters that would hinder full participation-a legal assessment will be determined during the pre-screening phone call. We are not authorized as a half-way house per the state and cannot accept women straight from incarceration per a court mandate

6. The nature of all felonies will be assessed on a case by case basis and will be at the discretion of the director. No violent felonies allowed.

7. Must be willing to surrender and fully participate in a Christ-centered, faith-based ministry (attending worship services, Bible studies/classes, and prayer meetings)

**No Cell Phones Allowed

*With prayerful consideration, each situation will be assessed by the director who will determine whether or not to admit someone into the ministry program.

AFAAH Recovery Program is a Christ-centered, discipleship ministry

We are not a government agency

We do not employ or use psychologists

We are not a medical facility

We are a Jesus Only, biblical counseling ministry 

If you are interested in applying to the program, please fill out the contact form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.