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Program Phases


After successful completion of a

30-day evaluation period, you will be officially admitted to AFAAH's Recovery phase. Recovery phase lasts approximately 4-8+ months, depending on your specific needs. The recovery phase is focused heavily on learning God's Word, applying scripture to daily decision-making, and establishing structure and discipline to your daily routine.  

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After completing the recovery phase,  Transition phase begins. This portion of the program lasts 4-8+ months and is tailored to meet your individual needs. You will be assisted in document recovery if necessary (SS card, DL or ID) in order to attain outside employment. Wages earned during transition will be saved for you in an online account. Saving money will prepare you for independent living post graduation. Financial oversight and fiscal discipline are critical aspects of the transition phase.  AFAAH staff will assist you in establishing good fiscal habits. Classes, worship services and Bible studies continue throughout transition.


Follow Up

After graduating from AFAAH, we want to stay connected! Through phone calls, in person meetings, emails and texts, we are here to pray, encourage, and lift you up in your new life. We would love to have you join the church, continue to serve and worship along side us! Staying plugged in with Jesus and other believers will help you remain successful in your long-term recovery. 

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